Friday, 18 February 2011

Downsizing, Restructuring and Redundancies

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This is a 1-day course for organisations who may lose public funding this coming year and need to consider the implication on it’s staffing costs. It focuses on legal and ethical duties of employers as funding/contracts come to an end and also what needs to be considered if organisations decide to merge or work in partnership with shared resources to reduce the impact of the change.

It is aimed at Chief Executives, Board members or managers with the responsibility of managing the downsizing process, although others with HR responsibility will also find this useful. Learning outcomes will be:

Delegates understand when and how to respond to loss of funding through restructuring and downsizing

Delegates know a range of options to consider and implement prior to compulsory redundancies and can state when and how these would be used

Delegates know the factors to consider and evaluate when making decisions to merge or work in partnership and the human resources implications for these

Delegates understand the risks associated with redundancies and how to manage and avoid these

Delegates can write an adequate business case for downsizing, restructuring and redundancy

Delegates understand employee rights and employee representation in redundancy situations

Delegates understand the redundancy planning process and can plan a simple redundancy situation

Delegates understand the statutory and enhanced components of redundancy packages and how to use these to best effect for the organisation and the employee

Delegates understand the redundancy communication process and can conduct a consultation meeting

Delegates know how to end a consultation process and how to conduct a redundancy dismissal fairly and lawfully

Delegates understand the supporting letters and documentation required at various stages of the redundancy process and have sample templates for these

Delegates understand the impact of redundancies on “survivors” and how to manage these.

This course will be facilitated by RootsHR, the only Not for Profit organisation that provides HR services to the Voluntary Sector. It is a free course but please note that there will be a charge of £25 for non-attendance.

The workshop will be held Wednesday 23rd February 10.00 to 17.00 (lunch provided) at the Priory, Church Hill Road, Solihull.

Places are limited so early booking is advised (limited to 1 place per organisation). If you would like to reserve your place please phone Claire Milican on 0121 711 3148 or email

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