Monday, 28 February 2011

Rich Batsford working on new album

What better way to start the week than receiving an email from Birmingham musician Rich Batsford with news that he is making exciting progress with his next album, Mindfulmess.

Rich is working on his album on a daily basis and has recorded a demo version of about two thirds, adding "So far it's sounding good. That said I'm a little nervous as there's a lot of very personal material in the lyrics of this album, so getting it out there is going to be a bit of a journey to say the least".

Rich Batsford has shared a demo track from the Mindfulmess album, called Listen In which gives a lovely taste of great things to come. This is a really sweet track with the accomplished piano playing which layed down the roots of his music throughout his first album, though this time we get to enjoy his gentle and beautifully melodic vocal flowing like a summer breeze through the new shoots and branches.

Rich Batsford's music has a very light and ethereal quality to it, whether it's in the instrumental tracks on his first album Valentine Court and now with the added vocal on this demo track.

I believe Rich uses meditational methodology in his composing as it shows in the musical richness of his sound using only piano and, now, voice.

There is something about Rich Batsford's music which, to coin a phrase of Van Morrison, "takes me way back", it is strangely familiar yet utterly fresh. If Valentine Court was music for candlelit dinners then this is for a perfect summer's day.

Can't wait to hear the whole album and one day soon I hope I'll catch him live.  

Why not listen in to Listen In at the following link:

Listen In

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