Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Birmingham Metropolitan College - Promoting Shakespeare: Spanish-style

Acting and Dance students create a stage setting in Birmingham's Chamerlain Square
Lunchtime visitors and pedestrians walking through central Birmingham’s Chamberlain Square were treated to a burst of Shakepearean dialogue, salsa dancing and romany gypsy music courtesy of acting and dance students from Birmingham Metropolitan College.

The ‘spontaneous’ performance was part of a guerrilla marketing initiative to promote the students’ forthcoming theatre production of Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors which is set among the romany gypsy community.

Around 20 BTEC National Diploma Acting and Dance students took over the steps at Chamberlain Square with a unique one-off performance based on what they have been rehearsing over the past six weeks.

“By putting on this impromptu performance, we aimed to show how imaginatively Shakespeare can be interpreted for contemporary audiences,” explained Lecturer, Boota Singh. “We also wanted people to stop and take notice of the wealth of talent and enthusiasm of our students so that they were encouraged to come and see the entire play.”

The Comedy of Errors will be performed at the College’s Sutton Coldfield Campus, Lichfield Road next Tuesday (5 April) at 7.00pm. To book tickets contact boota.singh@bmetc.ac.uk

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