Wednesday, 2 March 2011


On April 1st 2011 Ian Lawman will be buried alive for 7 days within Dudley Castle Grounds.

Psychic Ian Lawman From Most Haunted and Living With the Dead will be doing one of peoples most feared Phobias……………………………….. being Buried alive.

Ian will be living in a purpose build coffin type box 7’ long by 3’ high for 7 days 1st April until 8th April within the Grounds of Haunted Dudley Castle.

He will have two breathing pipes running to the surface and a glass panel tunneled also to the surface so people can visit all week and see Ian within the ground, 24 hour webcam will be inside that will be streamed to websites so you can watch Ian throughout the week!

He will also have a skype link so fans can chat from all over the world on his progress and give him moral support.

People have attempted this before and failed or tried different ways.

Ian will be 6’ down with about two tons of soil covering the whole box.

This will be an Live event where tickets can be purchased for £10 via with the full list of events though out that night.

All Money Raised from the event will go to PC David Rathband

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