Friday, 4 March 2011

Derrington Brownies Building Nests!

Spring is just around the corner and that’s the time when most birds begin to build their nests, ready to hatch and raise their chicks.

As part of the Derrington - Way Ahead project, the Derrington Brownies have been busy helping out our local bird populations.

The whole Derringotn – Way Ahead project aims to support a low carbon, more sustainable community. This includes protecting and enhancing and caring for the environment around us.

The Derrington community has already been involved in many projects such as a range of energy efficiency measures at the Village Hall, including the fantastic new solar panels, plus planting an orchard, home energy visits, holding two Local Food Festivals and much, much more.

This latest idea was to help support and enhance local bird populations. The birds of the world are in serious trouble, and common species are in now decline all over the globe, according to a comprehensive review ‘State of The World's Birds’ (Sept 2008), by the international organisation Birdlife. In England, farmland bird populations fell by 5 per cent last year to their lowest level for 40 years, according to official figures. Statistics released by Defra, covering 19 bird species which rely on farmland have shown the steep decline between 2008 and 2009.

To help reverse the decline in wild bird species the Brownies were asked to get involved with the practical project to make nesting boxes, with help from Steve Archer from Staffordshire County Council's conservation team (who have also been involved in the community bench building events) and Karen Davies from Stafford Borough Council, who has worked with the Derrington - Way Ahead project since its inception.

Around 25 nest boxes were made by enthusiastic Brownies, and some helpers, and each Brownie learnt new skills in doing so. They were then able to take a nest box home to put in their gardens and all being well, provide a home for this Spring's new fledglings.

More information from Sue Jones, who runs the Brownies, on 07751030101or email

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