Sunday, 6 March 2011

“Dishonest spin” by MP condemned by Council Labour Leader in North Warwickshire

“This is the worst kind of dishonest spin from an MP.” said Cllr Hayden Philips the Leader of the Labour Group on North Warwickshire Borough Council following an attack by Daniel Byles MP who wrongly claimed that Labour Councillors did not support borough council funding for Beeline . Mr Byles had recently said about funding for Beeline: “I'd like to thank the Conservative Group for this sensible decision. What I don't understand is why not one Labour Councillor voted in favour of this. I find it most disappointing.”

Cllr Phillips said:

“The truth is very different from Mr Byles’ claims. Labour wanted more funding for Beeline , not less. We supported Beeline throughout.

“The funding crisis at Beeline was created by the Tory County Council making cuts. Labour wanted the funding kept.

“At the Borough Council level we wanted the resulting funding gap properly plugged. We believed that if Borough Councillors cut their allowances and the Council Leaders pay we could put more into Beeline! But the Borough Tories refused to cut Councillors Allowances. We were faced with voting against the very limited funding for Beeline or abstaining. We abstained, because we wanted Beeline to at least get something, even if they did not get all they needed.

“Mr Byles then had to jump in to suggest the Conservatives had saved Beeline , when the truth was Conservative County Councillors had caused the funding crisis. Then Mr Byles tried by slight of hand to blame Labour. It was shameful spin. The Tories on the Borough Council, led by Cllr Colin Hayfield, only plugged a part of the funding gap created by the Tory County Council. Cllr Hayfield was a key figure on the County Council who actualy created the crisis by cutting the Beeline budget!

"When Tories make cuts they should have the honesty to defend them – instead of telling lies about them. I am furious about dishonest Parliamentary spin being imported into local government by Mr Byles. It has not taken this new MP long to sully his reputation with this sort of thing. If he cannot tell the truth, Mr Byles should avoid comment on local government.

“Let me set the record straight. Labour opposed the cuts in Beeline at the County level and wanted to see the funding restored in full. The Borough Tories refused to make up the whole funding gap created by Tories on the County Council. The remaining funding gap still faced by Beeline is entirely the fault of Conservative Councillors. It would not have happened under Labour.”

Cllr Hayden Phillips Wood
Leader of North Warwickshire Labour Group
31 Wood Street
Wood End

tel;01827 872036
mobile 07740203124

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