Monday, 28 March 2011

DLA Briefings Vol.42 March 2011

5. pp.3-10

‘New routes towards more comprehensive remedies for discrimination’ Robin Allen QC recommends lawyers take a fresh look at ways to change discriminatory behaviour and achieve equal treatment in the future. He suggests use of underused legal provisions to seek non-financial remedies. Also he recommends, a better awareness among lawyers of the tools to secure equality at the disposal of the EHRC.

6. pp.11-16

‘The Equality Act 2010 : a source of rights in a climate of cuts?’ the authors put in context the courts’ approach to the public sector equality duties under the old legislation and examine how this may change as cases are brought under s149 of the Equality Act. They conclude that s149 provides an important opportunity for advocates to ensure that public authorities listen with an open mind to the whole range of views from the communities they serve.

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