Saturday, 19 March 2011


Works by Glass Artist Nikki Williams and Sculptor Malcolm Sier

Footprint Gallery, Jackfield 22nd March – 31st May

Two local artists have joined together to display their artworks at a new exhibition, Glass and Stone, running from Tuesday, 22nd March until Tuesday, 31st May at the Footprint Gallery in the Fusion Building alongside Jackfield Tile Museum. Open daily from 10am to 5pm, the free entry display will feature contemporary works by glass artist Nikki Williams and stone sculptor Malcolm Sier.

As individual artists following their own creative paths, Nikki and Malcolm produce a diverse range of pieces. Both are fully conversant in the techniques and processes demanded of their chosen mediums, which require fundamentally different approaches.

Describing the new joint exhibition Malcolm Sier said; “Having worked in close proximity to one another for some years under the collective roof of the Fusion Building, we considered it might be an interesting exercise to bring some of our most recent works together into one space just to see what impressions would be revealed”.

“Inspired purely through the spirit to experiment and explore, and having no preconceived notions as to any specific outcome”, continued Nikki Williams, “What became apparent to us both was that we share common themes and concepts, suggesting possibilities for future creative collaborations”. This thought process has formed the foundation for the exhibition.

Working with hot molten glass, Nikki can never take for granted that it will behave exactly as she would like. Her inspiration comes from both the material itself and the natural world but she is also greatly enthused by architecture, negative space, line and emotional responses. Her work is widely recognised for its use of vibrant colour but she also explores the use of just a single colour for works placed in a specific place or even the complete omission of any colour.

The majority of Malcolm’s work involves producing individually designed and commissioned pieces. Each has specific demands providing him with the opportunity to respond to a new situation and create something unique. He also develops his own independent pieces.

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