Saturday, 12 March 2011

Good to Go - brap's new bid review service

Good to go

Need a second opinion on that all important bid?

Do you often wish there was someone to give a second opinion on your bid, before you click ‘send’ or seal the envelope? Even if you are confident in your bid writing skills, it often pays to get someone else to check it for you, but are they experienced in bid writing?

brap’s bid review service gives you objective feedback by experienced bid-writers without having to leave your office. Once you’ve filled in the simple registration form, you can then email up to four bids per applicant (a maximum of twice each). Your draft bid will be reviewed and emailed back with helpful comments and suggestions. This is a confidential service; your bids will not be shared with any other parties and the information in them will not be used to advantage brap or others.

For further details, contact Eky on 0121 456 7405 or

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