Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Herefordshire During the War 1940s tea dance

Former members of the Women’s Land Army, people who were evacuated to the county during the war and others with memories of the Second World War to share will be partying like its 1940 this Saturday 5th March from 2pm until 4pm at Herefordshire Council’s Museum Resource and Learning Centre.

The event will be featuring Second World War artefacts from the museum’s collections and the dancing skills of GI Jive who will be stepping onto the floor to show participants how to dance all the war-time favourites.

The tea dance will also showcase recipes made from ingredients available at the time. Attendees will get the chance to taste a war-time tea and share their experiences with others.

Students from The Hereford Academy will be recording and filming the event with the aim of collecting people’s memories for future generations.

Sarah Skelton, Herefordshire Council’s community heritage officer, said: “We want to collect and gather people’s memories of Herefordshire during the Second World War. This is also our chance to celebrate the experiences of ordinary people who made an extra ordinary contribution to our country’s war effort.

“At the time many people felt they were only doing the same as everyone else. However, now we are a few generations down the line we can really appreciate how amazing people’s contributions were,” she added.

Throughout the course of the project people can get involved by adding a memory to the memory trees in Community Centres throughout South Wye, learn how to “Make do and Mend” with the Knit Stitch and Knatter group at Kindle Centre or contact the Community Heritage Officers direct to find out more.

Other events will be taking place over the coming months with the project culminating with a “Victory” celebration on 25th June, Veteran’s day at the Kindle Centre.

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