Saturday, 26 March 2011

Music Box set to strike a chord with Leominster’s local music lovers

From the left: Paul Fletcher, Sean Ladd and Sally Lewis get CDs ready for sale in Leominster’s new Music Box shop
Adults with learning difficulties in Leominster hope to hit the right note with local music lovers when they open a new shop in the town early next month.

The Music Box is an exciting new venture which will sell high quality second hand CDs/DVDs, records, books and computer games.

It will be located on West Street in Leominster and will be operated by Marshfield’s, which is part of Herefordshire Council’s day opportunities services for adults with learning disabilities.

“We believe that passion for music creates common ground,” said inclusion manager at Marshfields, Sean Ladd.

“The music box will provide individuals involved with an opportunity to engage with their community,” he added.

“In addition, Individuals will be able to develop a range of skills that will prove beneficial to their future independence and help them to achieve, believe and belong”.

As well as direct sales the shop will be selling online, opening up a world of personal development for those involved.

The shop has sofas and coffee available, so you can relax and try before you buy.

The new shop opens its doors for business on Monday, April 4, and opening times are Mon – Fri 10am to 4.15pm and Saturday from 9.30am to 12.30pm.

Donations of unwanted CD’S/DVD’S books and computer games gratefully received - contact the Music Box on 01568 611869 or Marshfield’s on 01568 614772 for further information.

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