Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Slade Alive presents You and What Army + High Valley High - The Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton: Saturday 14th May 2011

This is the end of the world..... You see the immense light, hear the incomprehensible sound, feel the intense force... Everything you've ever known is about to cease to exist. .. .. ....."Cheers.".... You wake up mid-show, realising you've just experienced something epic. Something truly awe-inspiring. You've just experienced "You and What Army" Live shows throw 4 of the generation's most relentlessly entertaining musicians on stage, but not for long as they leap into the captivated crowds, who are left wondering what drugs they took. (None... they are good boys.)

Time for introductions... Dave; the long-haired crazed vocalist frontman slams his hard electronica down from behind his synths, samplers and CDJs, then causes kaoss with his lyrical flow as his raps tease their way around the epic sound and his screams pierce through the beautiful noise. .. Kieran; the hot-headed manly one with a ridiculously perfect jawbone, decimates venues with exasperatingly massive riffs that make lumberjacks wonder where they left their manhood... .. Jamie; the groovemaster himself, fiercly attacks your foot-tapping and head-bobbing nerves with his dancey bass hooks until... you tap your feet and bob your head. .. .. Zak.. hits things. There is no time to waste... Experience the spectacle that is "You and What Army" before it's too late... This is the end of the world... Embrace it!

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Tickets priced £5.00 are available from Midland Box Office: 0870 320 7000 or online at

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