Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Time to kick out the Con-Dem incompetents and bring in the Good Society?

As Birmingham City Council met today to vote through 320 million pounds worth of austerity cuts from the city's budget, local tax payers are rapidly losing confidence in both the alliance government and the 2nd city's local authority.

Whilst the city traders in the banking sector that caused the recession in the first place have recently awarded themselves 7 billion pounds worth of bonuses (Barclays boss Bob Diamond got a record pay package of an estimated £63.3million last year. RBS chief executive Stephen Hester could land up to £10million this year), politicians stand fecklessly by and instead of making the bankers pay for the mess they created are instead ploughing through cuts that will set cities like Birmingham back decades.

Everywhere one turns in the local community and public sectors, people are now being made redundant on an unprecedented scale. The knock on effect will be rapidly rising unemployment and a slump in the regional economy which will also destroy the private sector and leave possibly millions in debt, poverty and extreme deprivation.  

Enough is enough! It is now time to show Mike Whitby and his silent partner Paul Tilsley the red card. Whitby was very happy to get his face on national television following the Carling Cup Final on Sunday, but just days afterwards his Council are refusing the triumphant Blues team a traditional open top bus journey through the city centre. Yet he was more than happy to close down the city centre for days at the cost of millions of pounds in the autumn for the Conservative conference.

Don't sit by and watch this incompetent administration, which the majority of us didn't vote for, wreck the fabric of our city, our region and our nation.

The Big Society con trick has now been found out - it's time to bring in the Good Society.

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