Monday, 4 April 2011

Hear my interview on the Ed Doolan Show

On the day that the ConDem government announced the next phase of it's relentlessly ruthless program of kamikaze austerity cuts, this time selecting disabled people in receipt of incapacity benefit to demonise as the next group apparently responsible for creating the global recession, Spaghetti Gazetti editor Pete Millington (a founder member of the campaign group Disabled People Against Cuts) was interviewed on the Ed Doolan Lunchtime Show from my workplace at Birmingham Disability Resource Centre.

The live interview followed immediately after one between Ed and the Minister for Disabled People, Maria Miller. Hear me challenge the government's phony claims that the new work capability tests have even the vaguest thing to do with supporting disabled people into work.    

Listen again to the interview:

And remember, use your vote in the local elections to send a message to the incumbent administration that 'too much too quickly' is destroying the social fabric of the nation, both locally and nationally.

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