Saturday, 18 June 2011

Award winning theatre comes to Birmingham for BE Festival 4 and 5 July 2011

Translunar Paradise

New production for Theatre Ad Infinitum

- BE (Birmingham European) Festival, July 2011

Translunar Paradise, Theatre Ad Infinitum’s extraordinary new production, will preview at the Midlands Arts Centre (MAC), Birmingham as part of the BE Festival on 4 and 5 July this year before continuing on to the Edinburgh Fringe. In 2010, a scratch production of Translunar Paradise won first prize at the BE Festival, resulting in its development to a full length piece for this year’s event.

With Translunar Paradise, Stage Award winner (2009) and Total Theatre Award Nominee (2010), Theatre Ad Infinitum have created a production that takes its audience on a journey of life, death, and enduring love. ‘Translunar Paradise’ is a place where time stands still. Taking its inspiration from The Tower, by WB Yeats, the play tells the story of an old man who loses his wife to cancer. After she passes away, William escapes to a paradise of fantasy and past memories, a place far from the reality of his grief. Returning from beyond the grave, Rose revisits her widowed companion to perform one last act of love: to help him let go.

The unfolding drama is told entirely without words. Says Theatre Ad Infinitum’s George Mann, who devised and acts in Translunar Paradise, “Music and physical gestures are like a gateway into the emotional heart of this piece. I think both the body and music have a power that words cannot access and I wanted my audience to be immersed in feeling, sensations, movements –to live this story with us.

“Here, we’re exploring the gap between young and old. Age, like a mask, can obscure the fact a person was once young. We use hand held masks that are easy to put on and remove, which allows us to go back in time - when we are holding up the mask we're old and our bodies change. When the masks come off we're young and we can tell the story of this couple’s relationship over the years. But our hand-held masks also function in another way – operating the mask at a distance from the face of the actress she is a spirit, returning ghost-like from across the divide of death - it's a magical effect.”

Earlier this year, as a work in progress performance, Translunar Paradise won the Best Theatre Direction Award (2011) at the ACT Festival in Bilbao, Spain. You can see it at MAC on 4th and 5th July. For tickets and further details contact the MAC box office on 0121 446 3232 or go to

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