Friday, 24 June 2011

London 2012 mascot Mandeville gets ready for Godiva Carnival 2011

On Wednesday 22 June the London 2012 Paralympic mascot Mandeville joined Imagineer Productions to meet members of the Mossdale community (known as a Carnival mas camp) as they began their final preparations for Godiva Carnival 2011, titled ‘Dawn of Godiva’.

Mandeville joined the group, one of four mas camps (carnival making groups) from across the City, in learning Carnival dance steps. Through the mas camps 160 people from across Coventry have created costumes based on Olympic and Paralympic values designed by Jane Hytch, Director at Imagineer Productions.

During his visit to Mossdale, Mandeville also met local people, local artists and the Lord Mayor of Coventry as his visit coincided with the opening of the Mossdale mural a project six months in the making in collaboration with the local community.

Kathi Leahy, Director at Imagineer Productions said: “The Mossdale mas camp were delighted that Mandeville joined them to start the countdown to this year’s Godiva Carnival and to learn some Carnival steps. The Paralympic values of courage, inspiration, determination, so closely linked with Mandeville, are so relevant to the group we have been working with and to the area so it was a real honour for the people here to meet such a special visitor.”

Carl Bainbridge, Marketing and Communications Manager Coventry City Council said: “The Carnival is always a key part of the overall Godiva festival celebrations and we look forward to seeing the wonderful costumes and performers take to the streets in just over a week. It was fantastic to see London 2012 Paralympic mascot preparing for the Carnival with local people in Mossdale.”

Godiva Carnival 2011, titled ‘Dawn of Godiva’ is designed by award-winning Carnival Designer Brian MacFarlane and created by Imagineer Productions and is part of the journey to Godiva Awakes in 2012. Godiva Carnival 2011 is funded by Coventry City Council, Arts Council England and NP Aerospace.

For the Godiva Carnival 2011, Brian MacFarlane’s designs will make up 10 sections of the Carnival representing 220 designs to be worn, and performed by, the Godiva Awakes Communitas, the 220 young people from across the region who are part of the Godiva Awakes project. These unique designs will set the scene for the Godiva Carnival 2012 which will be designed and created by Brian MacFarlane and will see Godiva summon the Carnival ahead of her epic journey to London as part of Godiva Awakes.

An additional 206 young people from across Coventry will carry the Olympic flags of the nations taking part in London 2012. With the Civic dignitaries that take part on the Carnival, drummers, floats and Coventry’s Lady Godiva Pru Porretta wearing a new cloak designed by Imagineer, it is anticipated that over 1500 people will take part in Godiva Carnival 2011.

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