Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The Great West Midlands Poetry Relay!

To celebrate the Cultural Olympiad Open Weekend on Saturday 23rd July 2011, ten poets will complete a poetry relay across ten locations in the West Midlands, in the form of public events in different venues – including libraries, a hill top and a motorway service station.

At the first location, a poet will write and perform to an audience the first segment of a collective poem, before jumping on our minibus to be taken to the next stop. Subsequently, at each location, a new poet will join the team, read the collective poem so far and write and perform a segment about their own location. The team of performing poets during the events and segments of the poem will grow until ten segments and ten events are completed.

As for the big finale, the entire collective poem will be read by all ten poets in the Pie & Ale pub in Stafford town centre. In addition, ten racing pigeons from Project Pigeon will carry the segments of the poem back to their Birmingham loft. The order in which they arrive back will determine the final manifestation of the poem. The project will be photographed and recorded to be shared widely after the event.

The locations are as follows:

1. Stoke On Trent (Railway Station Concourse)

2. Burton On Trent (Library Steps)

3. Polesworth (Polesworth Abbey Park)

4. Hatton (Hatton Country Word; The Toffee Shop)

5. Worcester (Venue to be announced)

6. Malvern Hills (Top of hill!)

7. Bromyard (Tenbury Road Car Park (behind the library)

8. Highley (Highley Station; the Engine House)

9. Telford (M54 Motorway Services)

10. Stafford (The Pie & Ale House)

Poets involved include Philip Monks, Malcolm Dewhirst, Helen Yendall, Adrian Johnson, Deborah Alma, Kurly McGeachie, Dave Reeves and Roz Goddard.

For more info, contact Lauren Davies: 0781 334 1163. Follow the Relay on Twitter: @GWMPR

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