Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Don’t be fooled : A Pre-Application Consultation is currently being offered to local people, although the decision to destroy the Martineau Centre had already been made without any consultation whatsoever.

In spite of considerable opposition from the local Martineau Ten Group, the Martineau Education Centre has been declared ‘ ‘ surplus to requirements`` by Birmingham City Council Cabinet Properties Committee. This decision was taken surreptitiously in July 2010 – it is significant that the current ward councillors have recently stated that they were not aware of this decision.

This is very bad news for Harborne and Quinton residents. The planned destruction of the historic, multi-functional Martineau Centre, combined with the recent closure of the Clock Tower Centre, will also destroy more than 80% of the leisure and adult educational facilities that have flourished as part of a community resource available to local people in the past.

We should seriously consider what we are losing, and then -

‘ LOOK BACK IN ANGER` at what has been taken away :-

Resources Available in the Past                           Future Resources.

Clock Tower facilities:-

A wide variety of leisure and educational resources.    NONE

Martineau facilities:-

A wide variety of community leisure and educational resources.      NONE

Psychological Services.                                     NONE

Playing Fields, Swimming Pool, Games Hall for School use.        NONE

Rooms for community hire and private functions.             NONE

Catering facilities.                         NONE

Ample parking facilities.                    NONE


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