Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Sportactive in Birmingham

Birmingham Sport and Physical Activity Partnership will be working with its local partners to drive up participation in sport in the 14-25 age group via the Sportivate programme, from April 2011 – March 2015.

What is the purpose of Sportivate funding?

The London 2012 mass participation legacy programme ‘Places People Play’ is a £135 million initiative which has been made possible by the Government’s National Lottery reforms and will direct additional funding into grassroots sport. It will bring the inspiration and magic of a home Olympics and Paralympics into the heart of local communities, encouraging more people to get involved in sport.

At the heart of the ‘Play’ agenda is Sportivate - a young person focussed initiative and nationwide campaign that will capture the excitement of sport, providing opportunities for teenagers and young adults (aged 14-25) to receive no less than 6 weeks (and a maximum of 8 weeks) of coaching in the sport of their choice and guiding them into regular participation within their community.

The overall aim of Sportivate is for 296,257 participants (presented as 300,000) aged 14-25 years to complete weekly coaching sessions over the four years funding period, with two in five of them - 118,503 (presented as 120,000) - carrying on playing sport regularly.

What is Birmingham’s Sportivate aims/targets?

• To encourage more 14-25s to regularly participate in sport in the community by responding to their needs and working closely with a range of providers to provide an all year round framework of demographically relevant activities

• To engage and retain 1,999 new teenagers and young adults participating in Sportivate activities each year, (1499 in year 1), in Birmingham. Overall 4-year target is for 7,496 14-25 year olds to be retained in the programme in total

• The programme will target individuals who are not participating regularly in sport in their own time and will support them to continue playing a sport of their choice in their community after the 6 weeks of the Sportivate weekly coaching sessions are up

• Sportivate will bring about behavioural change by encouraging and inspiring participants to regularly take part by increasing opportunities and helping to guide them into regular and sustained participation

• To deliver the programme through each Constituency ‘Community Sport and Physical Activity Network’ (CSPANs) and in partnership with National Governing Bodies of Sport (NGBs) - directly helping to fund the development of local sports clubs, Civil Society Sector community sport clubs, FE College, HE University and Secondary School-based community clubs; and working with youth groups/services, local Police, uniformed groups, voluntary organisations and education and training providers in Birmingham

What is the criteria for the Sportivate fund?

• Participants must attend 5 out of 6 of the weekly block of sessions in order to be ‘retained’ in the project

• National target is for 2 in 5 participants to have ‘sustained’ participation 3 months after project completion

• The Sportivate sessions will be participant (or customer) led in that they will be affordable, accessible, appropriate and attractive, and reflect the local demography

• For each project, the provider/lead contact must provide an owner of the sustainable exit route, and they should be named during the development of the project

• The target group is the semi-sporty cohort, defined as those not who are not participating regularly in sport in their own time

• Sessions are to be delivered all year round and should be weekly because Sportivate will aim to create behavioural change in the participants

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