Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Stop the War Coalition Meeting - 25th July 2011

A Joint Birmingham Stop the War Coalition/ West Midlands Palestine Solidarity Campaign Public Meeting


Date: Monday, 25th July 2011

Time: 7.00pm

Venue: Council House, Victoria Square, Birmingham B1 1BB

Event: Public Meeting

Speakers: Chris Nineham (Stop the War Coalition National Officer)

Adam Hanieh (Palestinian activist and lecturer at SOAS)

Chaired by Naeem Malik

The Arab uprisings are an inspiration to everyone who supports freedom and democracy. They are also a direct challenge to Western interests in the Middle East. Having learnt nothing from the disasters of Afghanistan and Iraq, our government has helped launch a new war against Libya-the third major Western attack on a Muslim country by the West in a decade. On the one hand they claim the war is a humanitarian mission, on the other both Cameron and have admitted the aim is regime change - which makes it illegal under international law. The idea that the West has switched over to the side of the Arab people is laughable when they continue to support the most brutal regimes in the region, including Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, at a time when they are viciously repressing dissent at home.

Their real aim is in fact to reassert control when Western influence is threatened by the Arab uprisings. Unsurprisingly it is now becoming clear that the operation is killing large numbers of civilians. The ten thousand plus bombing sorties have caused enormous damage to the country's infrastructure. Stop the War is committed to ending the bombing and campaigning against a foreign policy based on the colonial idea that the Western powers have the right to intervene at will in any part of the globe. This meeting will discuss the impact of uprisings in the Middle East and will be a platform for a continuing campaign against the bombing of Libya and all Western intervention in the region.

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