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The Alphaspaghettical Guide to the West Midlands

F is for Froggatt, Raymond

Raymond Froggatt was born in Birmingham on 13th November

Due to the illness TB in his teenage years Raymond was forced to change his life style.

Froggie, as he is known by his army of fans, started his working days as a pipe lagger, night time would be spent singing in the pubs and secretly writing poetry in his spare time, a great talent that maybe would have stayed hidden if not for the illness. Once he started to recover from his illness Froggie decided to advertise for musicians to put together a Band, four very talented musicians called The Monopoly were to become Froggies new Band.

Before long Froggie became signed to the top record companies of the time POLYDOR, BELL, JET WARNER, his writing talents also led to his signing to major publishing houses a great honor as his songs were being recorded by artist all over the country and abroad. CLIFF RICHARD, DAVE CLARK FIVE to name but a few. Froggie recently attended a celebration of George Hamilton 1V and music at Winfield House Regents Park by invitation of the ambassador to the United States Robert H Tuttle

Still today his songs are recorded by major artists. In 1992 Raymond released his autobiography telling stories of his earlier years in the music business.

His concerts are sold out across the country and abroad, the Froggie followers arrive at the shows clutching their frogs with green scarves waving, certainly a sight to behold. Froggie writes and sings his own songs mesmerizing his audience, making them laugh with one of his many stories or cry with emotion with a song that touches the heart like no other. Raymond also released another album of songs to coincide with this new tour. An evening with Raymond Froggatt is pure magic, an evening not to be missed.

Biography taken from RF's official website:

Also read John Ogden's biography of Raymond Froggatt published in the Wolverhampton Express and Star

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