Friday, 30 September 2011

Disabled People against Cuts (DPAC) opens to members and hosts first DPAC Conference in London

DPAC is becoming more accountable by opening itself up to members and developing an election process for a new DPAC steering group.

DPAC will be one year old on 3rd October 2011. They have hosted many protests against the condem regimes, cuts in local authority spending and their impacts, and against Atos and the WCA. DPAC has publicised and reported on the many issues that are affecting disabled people in the attacks led by the condem government. DPAC works from the framework of the social model and will continue to do so.

Membership for individuals is free but DPAC suggests a donation to the cause, organisations of disabled people and allies of disabled people are also welcome to become members.

DPAC funds go directly to campaigns, all those working with DPAC work for no fee using the knowledge and skills that DPAC needs to keep going. DPAC wants to open up membership and elect a steering group to take DPAC into the next phase of the fight against the attacks on disabled people.

To join go to:  

And see DPAC website here -

DPAC Conference 29th October- London

DPAC’s first conference will aim to develop the campaigns and areas that new DPAC members are priorities. It will give a chance for disabled people to come together to discuss the issues affecting them and develop solutions and actions.

DPAC is pleased that a number of speakers have agreed to take part in this conference. They include: Linda Burnip, co-founder of DPAC, John Mc Donnell MP, Jon McArdle from Black Triangle, Tracey Lazard from Inclusion London, Julie Jaye Charles from Equalities National Council, Melanie Close from Disability Equality North West, Mike Higgins from DAN, Andrew Lee from People First (Self Advocacy)and journalist and presenter Mik Scarlet. The conference will also be the venue for the election process for the new DPAC steering group.

Places will be limited to a first come first served basis so please book soon. There is a small travel allowance open to members only, again on a first come first served basis.

DPAC would like to thank Stephen Hodgkins of Disability Lib for providing the conference venue, the Andrew Wainwright Reform Trust for travel finds and all those that have supported DPAC

See: for details of membership and conference

Request for help with article about housing and disabled people:

I'm emailing as I'm currently researching a feature for Disability Now magazine looking at access to housing for disabled people and the barriers sometimes faced when trying to access a home (whether in social housing, private renting or buying a property). I'm looking to highlight personal experiences of encountering barriers to accessing housing that may include physical, attitudinal, communication and financial issues. Please note this story will focus on the UK context so I'm only looking to cover experiences of accessing housing in the UK.

The feature will centre on people's own experiences and therefore I'm looking to speak to people who have previously (or are currently) encountering barriers and challenges in trying to secure the home of their choosing.

If anyone is willing to talk to me about their own experiences (in confidence) please get in touch with me directly. My email address is or I can be contacted by telephone on 01943 870 117. I am happy to change names for the story if people would prefer to appear anonymously in the article.

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