Saturday, 24 September 2011

Fancy getting down and arty?

Solihull Hospital is looking for creative locals to get involved in activities such as arts, craft, poetry and reminiscence sessions for patients.

The workshops on the wards and departments, give patients the chance to spend time creating. This can improve their mobility and communication and lead to a faster and more effective recovery.

Solihull Hospital’s arts coordinator, Sarah McGrory, explains: “Patients really look forward to these sessions, particularly those who either come into Hospital regularly or have to spend long periods of time in Hospital. We have found that patients love to get involved and it really does brighten up their day by taking their minds off why they are in Hospital. It is a chance to spend some time with a friendly face who isn’t a doctor or nurse.

“The increased communication and activity also benefits their rehabilitation and helps patients along their way to getting better. We are looking to expand the service so that we can hold the arts and crafts sessions on all wards or departments at the Hospital.”

If you would like to become a volunteer at Solihull, are interested in helping out with arts and crafts, or would just like to hear more about the workshops, please contact Sarah on 0121 424 0113.

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