Friday, 9 September 2011

Skills For Care: Workforce Development Innovation Fund

The Workforce Development Innovation Fund is a funding stream related to the Workforce Development Fund which can be applied for to fund innovative workforce development projects. These may be, but are not necessarily, linked to unit completions within the Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF).

Skills for Care will contract directly with organisations or partnerships of any size operating at area or national level, who can demonstrate exciting, innovative or creative ways of undertaking workforce development, or who are pushing the traditional boundaries of commissioning and/or undertaking training and development.

Outcomes for the project should focus on how to:

demonstrate or measure impact,

be sustainable & scalable,

be applicable to other scenarios or contexts

disseminate good practice guidance in the context of workforce development

The process of claiming the Workforce Development Innovation Fund consists of two key phases. Firstly there is the process of tendering. Following the award of a contract the second phase involves the submission of evidence at key milestone points during the year to draw down funding.

The closing date for first phase is 1pm on Friday 23 September.

For more information on the fund, essential contracting criteria and key dates for both phases please visit: Workforce Innovation Fund.


Skills for Care works to ensure the adult social care sector has a modern, flexible and highly skilled workforce to deliver quality care. We are committed to working with employers and other key stakeholders to ensure we are supporting their needs and those of people who use services and carers. For more information visit

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