Monday, 9 January 2012

Birmingham “People’s Cinema” screening to mark United Nations International Year of Co-operation

A still from 'New Pioneers'
‘Just Film’, Birmingham’s innovative co-operative film society, is to mark the launch of the UN’s International Year of Co-operatives with a special double-bill film screening on Thursday 12 January 2012. The double bill covers the history of co-operation and workers movements and comes after an exciting year for co-operatives in Birmingham and around the UK.

The film show, starting at 7pm, will include two films. The first, called 'New Pioneers', is a new animation following the history of co-operation from Rochdale in 1844 to a global movement of more than 1 billion people. The second film is a feature-length documentary ‘The Take’ written by Naomi Klein (Author of international bestseller anti-globalisation book ‘No Logo’). It follows workers in a factory in Argentina who stage an occupation of the factory, and establish a workers co-operative, to force its re-opening after the factory owners went bankrupt.

A still from The Take

John Cooper, Chair of the film society said: “As a community co-operative, we’re very proud that ‘Just Film’ is Birmingham’s original ‘People’s Cinema’, owned by the members who join it, screening films open to all. January’s double bill will launch the year of co-operation with a challenge to the audience. People-centred economics could revolutionise the way the world works...will we be willing to give it a try?”

This screening comes after a year in which co-operatives around Birmingham have been founded and grown. Richard Bickle, Secretary of the Film Co-operative, views this year as a chance to continue this growth for ‘people centred’ economics.

Richard Bickle said “From 24 Carrots in the Jewellery Quarter to the Bicycle Foundry in Stirchley, local co-operatives are offering a practical way forward for local people in challenging economic times. The strength of the co-operative model, as will be shown in the animation, is that it is people-centred and so ensures growth and prosperity is based on whats good for people, not just the bottom line”

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