Tuesday, 24 January 2012

For Sale sign on historic Martineau Cetre

Birmingham City Council are pushing through their plan to sell the historic Martineau Centre in Balden Road, Harborne for demolition in spite of denials by councillors over a number of years that such a decision was the only proposal being considered.

In August last year Conservative councillor Randal Brew distributed a letter to local people dismissing the suggestion that the City Council was planning to destroy the Martineau Centre, stating that he was saddened at the claim and adding he wanted to outline "the truth of what is really happening."

Brew's letter coincided with a rapidly orchestrated public consultation, arranged suspiciously close to the main public holiday period, where concerns from local residents about the loss of education, community and sporting amenities appeared to be totally disregarded and the realpolitik of selling the site as quickly as possible for demolition were over-whelmingly evident, in spite of Mr Brew's clumsy late-hour PR job.    

Less than six months later the 'for sale' sign has gone up and it seems that the prospective residents of Whitby Croft and Brew Close will join their Quinborne neighbours in looking to Sandwell for their community amenities.

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