Friday, 20 January 2012

Ladywood Furniture Project is looking for new volunteers and for volunteer mentors/trainers/teachers

LFP refurbishes and sells furniture to families in need. Our aims are:

To help individuals and families on benefits or low income find good, clean affordable furniture;

To help local people develop employment skills through volunteering in their community.

For 2012 we want to try and fill two gaps that we have identified — and this is where you may be able to help.

First, we are looking for fresh volunteers who will help with all aspects of business at LFP, including furniture refurbishment.

Second, we are looking for ex-teachers, trainers, mentors and others with useful, transferable skills who can help train and up-skill the volunteers we currently use.

We believe that there are lots of very useful skills “locked up” in people who don’t currently volunteer. We want to find a way to pass these skills on to the people who do volunteer — and you could do this in just a few hours.

Ideally we are looking for people with great practical skills rather than formal qualifications — skills of the kind that will help us improve the expertise and confidence of our existing volunteers. Skills such as:



Furniture maintenance/refurbishment


If you think you might be able to help — whether as a volunteer or as a trainer/supporter of our volunteers — please email me or ring the number below and ask for me personally. I’d love to hear from you. Many thanks for reading.

Conor Barry

General Manager  

Tel. 0121 455 7133

Ladywood Furniture Project Ltd

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