Friday, 6 January 2012

The Making of Stirchley Park - a series of workshops to discuss its future

Three workshops will be taking place in Stirchley Park over next month for local people interested in discussing the park's future.

At the moment the small park (called the Stirchley Recreation Ground by the Council) is not being used to it's full potential, and the three entrances are not apparent to the public.

The workshops aim to discuss how the park can be made friendlier, more welcoming and more well known. It is the intention to also collect memories of the park from residents.

The workshops will take place on Sundays 15 January, 29 January, 12 February 11am-1pm.

Come rain or shine. Meet at the old pavillion. Bring something to sit on. Shelter will be provided. Everybody welcome. Come and support your local community!

Organised by Place Prospectors as part of their Stirchley Prospects project.

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