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Gisela Stuart, MP for Edgbaston, has shown her support for local warmth scheme, npower Health Through Warmth, by visiting a resident who has received help.

Gisela Stuart MP was joined by Volker Beckers, Group CEO for RWE npower; Jane Britton, county manager for the Royal British Legion and Elaine Midwinter, Health Through Warmth scheme manager. The visit was hosted by resident Veronica Low, who was helped by the scheme when her boiler broke down.

Veronica, 74, has diabetes and angina, which can make her sensitive to the cold and cause her symptoms to get worse. Last year, she was left without heating during the winter months.

Veronica contacted The Royal British Legion for assistance, who quickly referred her to the Health Through Warmth scheme. The local Health Through Warmth co-ordinator, based at Black Country Housing Group, then arranged for quotes and installation of a new central heating system.

The measures were funded by contributions from the unique npower Health Through Warmth Crisis Fund, and The Royal British Legion.

Veronica comments: “Not having sufficient heating in the winter was awful, but I could not afford to replace my heating system. I’m so grateful that Health Through Warmth and the Royal British Legion were able to help me.”

npower’s Health Through Warmth scheme aims to help residents whose health is made worse by cold living conditions as a result of inadequate heating and insulation in their homes.

Gisela Stuart MP adds: “npower Health Through Warmth is a valuable scheme which has helped many vulnerable residents in the West Midlands and beyond since it launched. It’s great to see first-hand the difference the scheme makes to local residents like Veronica, and I’d like to thank all those involved for their hard work.”

Volker Beckers, Group CEO of RWE npower, concludes: “We would like to thank Gisela Stuart MP for showing her support for Health Through Warmth by visiting Veronica. Working together with other organisations enables us to reach more residents like Veronica who have cold related illnesses and need help with the installation of heating and insulation measures. You don’t have to be an npower customer to benefit from Health Through Warmth, any vulnerable resident with a cold related illness may be eligible for assistance.”

Health Through Warmth was set up in 2000 by npower, in partnership with National Energy Action (NEA), the national fuel poverty charity, and the NHS.

Since 2000, more than 72,571 vulnerable residents have been referred to the scheme for help with heating and insulation. £58.2 million has been levered to secure funding for the measures required, which includes more than £1.2 million from charitable organisations. In addition, £7.2 million has been contributed from the unique npower Health Through Warmth Crisis Fund.

Each Health Through Warmth case is assessed on an individual basis and funding can be accessed from a variety of sources, including the unique npower Health Through Warmth Crisis Fund, government grants and charitable funds.

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