Monday, 23 January 2012

Rick Davies’ Black Country Stories

A free exhibition of Rick Davies’ Black Country Stories will take place at The Public in West Bromwich from 27 January 2012 to 20 May 2012 (Wednesday to Saturday - 10 am to 5 pm; Sunday - 11 am to 3 pm).

West Bromwich’s Multistory, one of the UK’s leading community arts agencies has commissioned photographer Rick Davies to document the Black Country. Rick makes panoramic images that invite us to step into, and explore, the detail of the landscape in ways we might not have looked before.

Rick has used a cherry picker several times to go as high as possible to get his incredible shots to show us a different view of everyday locations and objects; a view we would never see in our everyday lives.

Rick photographs the contemporary landscape to illustrate how geographical, historical, political and economic factors impact on individuals and society; he describes his work as being ‘A Visual Geography of the Post-industrial Landscape’.

Rick Davies:

“The reason that I document the urban landscape is because it has such a major effect not only on the material conditions of life but also on the way we think and feel. Taking these panoramic shots of the Black Country, has given me the opportunity to show the changes that have taken place.”

Emma Chetcuti, Director of Multistory:

“Rick Davies has created a series of wonderful, sweeping images of the Black Country that we hope will give you a new way of looking at local landscapes and landmarks. Most photography is as limited as the human eye. Not so with panoramic photography that captures an entire field of view.”

Linda Saunders, Managing Director of The Public:

“Rick Davies’ exhibition is not only a fascinating portrayal of life in the Black Country but also plays a significant educational role, teaching the audience about the makeup of such a diverse region.”

Black Country Stories is a multi-commission programme, produced by Multistory, that invites outstanding artists to document and record life in the Black Country. Black Country Stories commissions internationally renowned documentary photographers, film makers, and authors to tell amazing stories that celebrate everyday life in the Black Country.

Rick Davies’ Black Country Stories forms part of The Art of Architecture, a series of exhibitions that looks at how artists engage with the built environment and influence the world around us. The Art of Architecture also includes a fascinating 3D structure designed by award winning architect, Will Alsop, video work from acclaimed film makers John Wood and Paul Harrison, suspended sculptural forms from Heather and Ivan Morison and photography from Andy Day.

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