Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Second tranche of the Social Action Fund due this week

The second tranche of the Social Action Fund, run by the Social Investment Business on behalf of the Cabinet Office, is expected to have about £10m to give away, out of an original budget of £20m and is expected to reopen for applications this week.  

It is open to any organisation with an annual turnover of at least £100,000 and the minimum grant organisations can apply for is £100,000. Applications will close in early February.

The fund will give priority to programmes that encourage people to volunteer in their communities, particularly those who do not normally volunteer. It will also focus on schemes that increase the level of volunteering by schoolchildren, university graduates and professionals on the point of retirement, and which inspire people who have attended the National Citizen Service to continue contributing to their communities.

The first wave of funding was opened to applications in October last year.

"We aim to fund well-established national or regional organisations, usually under large branded schemes," a spokeswoman for the Social Investment Business said. "A strong preference is given to schemes that have agreed match funding. It also favours models that are capable of replication and sustaining the engagement of those doing the giving."

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