Thursday, 12 January 2012

Technical support for visually impaired people

Ideal for All in Sandwell is launching a series of sessions starting on Friday 20 January to help people with a visual impairment make sense of the wide range of technology that is constantly upgrading and changing. If you have a visual impairment you can attend the sessions to learn more about how to make the best use of various gadgets, phones and software.

There are a lot of equipment and computer programs available to people who have a visual impairment. NVDA, JAWS, Azerbat, Facebook, Zoomtext, Thunder, iPhone, Blackberry are all popular and are used by visually impaired people. However, instruction manuals are often difficult to follow, and may confuse, rather than help. In addition there may be free alternative software that people may not be aware of.

By attending the sessions you can learn more about making best use of various hardware and software as well as share your experiences with other people who may have experienced the same frustrations with technology.

Carol Goff, Chair of Ideal for All said: “We have organised these sessions for visually impaired people to learn more and make the best use of new technologies. There is a huge variety of software and gadgets available. Our aim is to help people use new technology by providing advice and support.”

The first session will start at 1pm – 3pm on Friday 20 January at the Independent Living Centre, 100 Oldbury Road, Smethwick, B66 1JE.

For more information please contact Louise or Navinder on 0121 558 5555.

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