Friday, 3 February 2012

Have your say on the future of Fort Royal

Exciting plans are afoot to restore Worcester’s Fort Royal Park to its former glory. Battle of Worcester members Brian Bullock and Roger Fairman, who will be dressed in full Civil War regalia, will join forces with city councillors as they open a public consultation on the Park’s future.

Fort Royal Park is of critical historical significance to the city, as the site of the 1651 Battle of Worcester, the final battle of the English Civil War. It was also visited by the second and third Presidents of the United States of America, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, who were keen to see the site they regarded as the place where democracy was effectively born.

Worcester City Council has already pledged £250,000 towards creating a new £110,000 play area in the park, installing a high powered telescope and viewpoint at the top of the hill and renovating the crumbling boundary walls on Wylds Lane.

In addition, Worcester City Council is applying for approximately £1 million from the Heritage Lottery fund to make further improvements to the park.

“Fort Royal is important to Worcester, both for its historical links to the fight for democracy and freedom and as a stunning public open space in its own right,” said Cllr Roger Knight, Cabinet Member for Cleaner and Greener.

“The City Council has already committed significant investment to Fort Royal, but a Heritage Lottery Fund application gives us the opportunity to take our plans a step further and promote its history in a compelling and dynamic way to a much wider audience.”

We want your views

The City Council is seeking your views on how, if the Heritage Lottery bid proves successful, you would like to see the money spent. The first round application will be made by the City Council by August 2012.

Heritage Lottery Fund priorities are that the community values the park as part of their heritage and the park contributes to urban regeneration.

Ideas so far include repairing the parks’ historic infrastructure and improving the interpretation of the area, as well as restoring part of the Civil War earthworks and fort bastions. Other ideas include a sculpture, a history trail, and a permanent exhibition or other feature linking the site’s history to the present day. The bid could also fund a programme of events and activities which will bring the local community together.

There’ll be many opportunities to comment as the bid work progresses and in the meantime we’d love to hear from you!

How to submit your views

You can submit comments online:, , or  (use hashtag #fortroyal). Alternatively you can write to us at: Communications Team, Worcester City Council, Freepost WR427, Worcester WR1 2ZD.

Or tell us what you think of the park through our survey tool at

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