Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Worcester litter pickers praised for sticking to their task

Volunteers from Hylton Road Rovers Football Club, McDonald’s and the University of Worcester prepare to clean up the Riverside in Worcester.
A group of dedicated volunteers braved torrential rain to spruce up a popular area of the city used by residents and visitors.

Staff from McDonald’s, players from the Hylton Road Rovers Football Club, students from the University of Worcester, Worcester City Council Cabinet Member for Cleaner and Greener Councillor Roger Knight and City Council staff took part in a two-hour litter pick along the riverside paths on both sides of the Severn between the Sabrina and Diglis bridges.

The event on Saturday February 18 was part of the Keep Britain Tidy “Love Where You Live” campaign.

The 23 volunteers collected a total of six black bags of litter and seven recycling sacks of bottles and cans.

Councillor Roger Knight said: “I would like to thank everyone who came along – especially considering the weather – and a special thank you to McDonald’s which is setting an example for other businesses to follow.

“Everyone was drenched and cold but that didn’t curb their enthusiasm. Halfway through I asked if they wanted to stop and go home but they said ‘No let’s carry on, but we will up the pace a bit’. They did a great job!”

“However, I was disappointed at the amount of litter we found on the riverside, considering all the work that has been done to regenerate this part of the city and make it so attractive for visitors and the residents of Worcester.

“My message to anyone using the area is that if they take the litter there, then they should take it home with them. Whether there are bins or not, there is no excuse for littering our riverside.”

The city council organises a litter pick about once a month with various groups including schools and WIs. Trevor Smith, franchisee of Worcester’s three McDonald’ s restaurants, also regularly arranges for local youth football teams to join in.

Anyone who would like to organise a litter pick should contact City Council’s Community Engagement Officer Sian Stokes on Worcester (01905) 752974.

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