Monday, 21 May 2012

Birmingham’s African and Caribbean Community Protest Exclusion from Cabinet Leadership

After decades of faithfully voting for the Labour Party, Birmingham’s African and Caribbean citizens will gather peacefully outside Birmingham’s Council House to protest their exclusion from the Cabinet proposed by the new Leader of Birmingham City Council, Sir Albert Bore.
The Labour Party regained control of Birmingham City Council in the recent local elections and announced its 8-person Cabinet this week with a notable absence of any African or Caribbean presence, showing a chronic lack of diversity. Leaders and members of the community have been expressing their deep disappointment at what is generally seen as a snub by the new administration towards the community that has been amongst its most ardent supporters.
Individuals and organisations from the African and Caribbean Community are collectively saying ‘Enough is enough - This is not true representation, we deserve better’. One organisational leader said, ‘It is hard to accept that after all these years of our community being in Birmingham, contributing to the development and well-being of this city and supporting the Labour Party, we are still not considered worthy or able to participate in the strategic leadership of our city, even one led by a Labour administration. We are tired of being excluded and disrespected.’
Members of the community will gather outside Birmingham’s Council House on Tuesday 22 May 2012 from 3.00 pm to protest their exclusion as the new Cabinet is expected to be sworn in at 4.00 pm in the Council Chamber.
We are requesting answers as to the non representation of an African Caribbean individual or individuals at cabinet or other senior political levels and how this will be addressed, for the sake of the community and the future of our diverse City.

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