Saturday, 26 May 2012

Child star Gully McGrath will open local Summer Fayre on July 7th 2012

Up and coming child star Gully McGrath is making his name as an actor in Hollywood and in his latest movie he stars alongside the brilliant Johnny Depp in the dark but tongue-in-cheek vampire movie Dark Shadows.

Talented Gulliver "Gully" McGrath was born in 1998 in Australia, but now lives with his family in Birmingham,UK and on 7th July 2012 Gully will be the official guest of Our Lady of Fatima Primary School in Harborne where he follows in the amazing foot-steps of both Blind Dave and Big Dave by opening the school's Summer Fayre. 

Gully played Charlie in the Australian crime series "Rush".  He also starred as the title character in the Melbourne Theatre Company production "Poor Boy" alongside Guy Pearce and Abi Tucker. Gulliver played young Tabard in the 2011 hit film Hugo and recently he played David Collins in "Dark Shadows, starring Chloe Grace Moretz and Johnny Depp released in May 2012.  He will also play Tad Lincoln in Stephen Spielberg's Lincoln set for late September 2012.

He was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia Gully now lives in Birmingham UK.  His mother, Heidi Champman is a neuroscientist, and his father, Craig is an anaesthetist.

Watch this space for an exclusive interview with Gully on Spaghetti Gazetti with more news about the Summer Fayre.

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