Saturday, 26 May 2012

Parks and green spaces to get new giving mechanism

National parks charity GreenSpace and two major cities (Birmingham and Nottingham) will lead the way with developing a new giving mechanism for our parks and green spaces, safeguarding their future protection.

The Green Places Fund aims to ensure public green space continues to benefit local communities and is not put at risk from significant spending cuts. It will empower local land managers, private and public sector and communities to unite for the good of green space, preventing parks slipping back into the malaise these precious spaces experienced at the end of the last century. The Fund will provide the missing link to giving to green space and will enable the grass roots network of community groups and philanthropists for parks to give and influence giving locally.

GreenSpace are pleased to announce that they will be developing the Green Places Fund concept in Nottingham and Birmingham with commitment from Nottingham City Council, Birmingham Open Spaces Forum and Birmingham City Council.

Paul Bramhill, CEO, GreenSpace “If we are all to continue to have easily accessible, quality parks and green spaces, then we must find different ways of funding and maintaining them. All our current research and intelligence shows that the vast majority of public parks and green space are facing significant reductions in funding, in many cases more severe than the cuts to other local government services. Quickly parks can move from being a community asset to a public liability.”

Councillor Dave Trimble, Nottingham City Council's Portfolio holder for Leisure, Culture and Tourism, said: "In Nottingham the Green Places Fund will echo the generous philanthropy of people like Jesse Boot, who provided us with some of our most treasured parks and gardens. We’ve spent the last three months assessing the demand and take up with local organisations1 and, as we hoped, the value of supporting local green spaces has been widely recognised and welcomed. The Fund is fantastic news for the future of Nottingham’s award-winning parks, gardens, wildlife sanctuaries and green spaces.”

Sarah Royal, "We at Birmingham Open Spaces Forum are very excited and happy to be part of the new Green Places Fund, bringing Birmingham's community voice to the table. We are looking forward to working with Birmingham's business community and finding new exciting opportunities to improve our parks and open spaces."

Senior representatives from GreenSpace and Birmingham City Council will be promoting the Fund’s concept at the Chelsea Flower Show on 22nd May 2012.

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