Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Searching for Tony Mustoe

Searching for Tony Mustoe - Alan McLean making performance art with actors with a learning disability. A commission for M21 by Dash by the Unlimited programme, part of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad.

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Performance Artist Alan McLean met Tony Mustoe in a Sheffield Day Centre in 1989, a year later they performed at The National Review of Live Art, it struck into the memory of visitors and began a collaboration lasting 12 years. Likenesses of the spirit and attitude of Tony Mustoe will perform a few moments of play and pay tribute to an artist who brought sport and art together.
Searching for Tony Mustoe invites audiences on a journey around Much Wenlock to witness performances by people Alan has met through auditions in day centre’s in the region, including learning disabled performers from Arty Party in Telford.
Arty party’s learning disabled artists create film ,theatre, installation and art exhibitions brimming with their own distinct creative voices.
Alan and Arty Party will be showing that someone with the talent of Tony Mustoe exists in every village, town and city, we just have to find them.
As part of the outreach program for M21 Alan McLean will use his extensive network of disabled artists and people to find performers to audition for Searching for Tony Mustoe. And with the courage, energy and determination found in his collaboration with Tony Mustoe he will wait for something to emerge from nothing. Please join him on his journey.
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