Saturday, 19 May 2012

Tell Redditch Council to ensure its buildings have life saving equipment -- before another life is lost

Dear Spaghetti Gazette Readers

In December 2010, our daughter Charlotte sadly passed away with a heart condition called sudden arrhythmic death syndrome (SADS). After Charlotte's death we had all of our children screened and discovered that our son Carrick has a heart condition too.

At least 12 children die of this silent killer every week and, like us, most parents will be unaware their child has a condition at all. The best way to save these young lives is to have access to a defibrillator to shock the heart back into a normal rhythm -- the same way that the footballer Fabrice Muamba's life was saved.

We were recently planning to visit the new Abbey Stadium Leisure Centre in Redditch with Carrick. But when we called to check if they have a defibrillator, we were horrified to learn they don't.

So we started a petition on asking for all Council buildings to provide defibrillators - will you join us in calling for this life saving equipment?

The new Abbey Stadium apparently cost £6.5 million to build, but it costs just £1,500 to install a defibrillator and train staff to use it. We believe this is a small cost to protect people while they are on their premises.

We also found that there are almost no government buildings (leisure centres, gymnasiums, youth establishments or schools) in Redditch that have defibrillators. Unlike neighbouring Birmingham City Council and Worcester City Council -- Redditch has not felt it necessary to have defibrillators installed to safeguard anyone using their buildings.

That's why we're asking the people of Redditch and neighbouring towns and cities to support our call to invest in training and defibrillators in all council buildings --
click here to join us.

On Monday 21st May we'll be meeting with Council representatives and giving them our petition
, we hope with your name on it. Redditch Council must realise that local people care about this issue and that young lives are in their hands.


- Robert & Maggie 

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