Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Dancing Round and Round and Round

Encompass 360o Digital Dance                                                  

Don’t be fooled into thinking Much Wenlock is a quiet, pretty town sleeping in its idyllic rural Shropshire Location, for it’s buzzing with energy and creativity. Encompass 360o Digital Dance has been inspired by the legacy and spirit of the birthplace of the modern Olympics, to get schools and community groups across Shropshire dancing. From the latest hip-hop to Ceroc, from Salsa to classical Greek dance, from Kathak to Ballroom, every style has been embraced.
As Artistic Director, Toby Norman-Wright brings his experience, as a choreographer and dancer with Birmingham Royal Ballet together with Sonia Sabri’s enthusiasm to challenge and reinvent the classical Kathak style in a contemporary context, to lead an artistic team of dancers and digital artists on a project that has seen international response. Spreading beyond its Shropshire base, Encompass has used the website and latest digital technology to receive over 300 uploads from all over the world (including US, Kenya, India, Austria, Norway, China). With a richness of material, the final film and live dance will explore the Values of the Olympic Games.

Encompass is now preparing for its finale. Dance as you have never seen it before! Presented as a 360o Cinemax film with live dance in a specially constructed Igloodome, it will whirl the audience into the middle of the action. To complement the final show, there will be a varied programme of live dance, film and interactive digital activities taking place in the grounds of The Edge Arts Centre, Much Wenlock 19 – 21 July with 4 ticketed performances. Tickets £5/£3 available in advance from

Watch out for the 3 minute version of Encompass to go out in 22 locations nationwide on the BBC Big Screens on 21 June and in Birmingham until 19 July. Get a sneak look at the Big Screen film on YouTube

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