Friday, 1 June 2012

Join in the RSPB summer wildlife survey

Our summer wildlife survey is nearly here and we'd love you to take part!
To get the best possible overview of how summer wildlife is faring around the UK, we need lots of eyes watching gardens over the coming week.
Please help us create a 'snapshot' of bird numbers in your region. Simply count the birds you see in your garden (or local park) for an hour between 2-10 June, and tell us what you see. We’d also like you to give us information on the other wildlife that visits your garden. You don’t have to see these species in the hour you spend counting birds, but let us know if you ever see them in your garden and if so, roughly how often.
How to take part
You can find out all you need to know about doing Make Your Nature Count on our website.
Give us your results!
Whether you've been inundated with birds or only seen a few, it's all useful information, so please send us your results – it's easier than ever to tell us what you've seen. Simply click the link below to submit your results. The results form opens 2 June.
Just in case the link doesn't work, visit our website and use the following details:
Reference: 99597759
Postcode: B32 2BD
Thank you. We hope you enjoy taking part.
The Make Your Nature Count team

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