Thursday, 7 June 2012

Pledge to celebrate all that green spaces provide

As a nation it is clear that we love our parks and green spaces; the latest survey from parks charity GreenSpace tells us that on average parks in the UK are in ‘excellent health’* plus an entire collection of organisations and academics are showcasing the benefits of easily accessible, quality, green space. So why do we need to support them?

Paul Bramhill, CEO of parks charity GreenSpace responds “If we turn the clock back to the early nineties, parks and green spaces were suffering from serious neglect. Sad, unusable playgrounds and litter-strewn parks were certainly not hubs of the community or safe and relaxing places for people to exercise or explore. Years of investment have seen these spaces and the surrounding community’s blossom again and now the reality is that public parks and green spaces are facing significant reductions in funding, which could see this investment thrown away.” 

Love Parks Week (run by GreenSpace) is an awareness raising campaign which aims to make a paradigm shift by getting people outside and enjoying their local park or green space, bringing life to the area and security for its future, creating a powerful movement of green space devotees.

How to get involved

With just two months to go until this year’s Love Parks Week the campaign is urging supporters to join in with the biggest celebration of parks and green spaces.  Organisers are calling for as many people as possible to organise a Love Parks Week event – big or small – and to simply register it on the campaign’s website.  Campaign manager, Tess said “Adding your event is like signing a pledge to get you and others outside, bring your family and friends, have fun and appreciate all of the wonderful things green spaces have to offer.”

Tess continued “Your event doesn’t have to be complicated – picnic gatherings or nature walks have just as much impact as community fairs and music concerts, or you may already have something already planned during that week, which can of course be listed on the website too!”

If you do not have time to organise an event but wish to support the campaign, you can simply spread the message by purchasing fun posters and stickers from the website and displaying in your workplace, local shop or car window, or you, your friends and family can attend an event near you.

The request is simple one: show your park a little love to help make it a lasting space.

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