Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Social enterprise radio station Blaze FM interviews Dr Feelgood legend Wilko Johnson

Blaze FM and Spaghetti Gazetti blogger team up for a Feelgood first

Last weekend saw the first in what is hoped to be an ongoing collaboration between Jonathan Harris of Blaze FM, the only social enterprise radio station in the West Midlands, and community and arts blogger Pete Millington who in addition to working at Birmingham's Disability Resource Centre also publishes the Spaghetti Gazette blog.

Pete contacted Jonathan after he was offered an interview for his blog with ex-Dr Feelgood and Ian Dury & The Blockheads guitarist Wilko Johnson, who has just released his eagerly awaited autobiography Looking Back At Me. Pete initially wanted to get technical advice from Blaze FM about the best way to record the interview but former rock DJ Jonathan offered to edit the whole thing for broadcast on Blaze FM.

Pete explains:

"The interview with Wilko was a huge success. Wilko seemed very relaxed, chatting away with us for over half an hour. Jonathan sprang into action and by Sunday afternoon he had produced a brilliant edit of the interview with some of Wilko's tracks mixed in to make a programme that was broadcast on Blaze FM on Tuesday evening. It will be broadcast again on Blaze FM tomorrow evening (Thursday 21st June) at 10pm."

"This has been a a very exciting collaboration, with a quality product achieved literally on our voluntary time and with damned good team work. Wilko is a British rhythm and blues legend and a major infuence on the first punk rock bands from 1976 onwards. His autobiography is a fascinating rock 'n' roll scrap book so it provided much interesting subject material for the interview with the chat ranging from Wilko's interest in Icelandic sagas and poetry to his love of astronomy and his own thoughts on how Dr Feelgood influenced punk rock. This has been a really useful exercise in how people like ourselves operating very much at a grassroots level can combine technology with personal knowledge, comprehensive research and social media to achieve professional broadcast standards."

Jonathan and Pete are already planning their next collaboration and are busy compiling a wish list of potential interviewees, so watch this space!

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