Wednesday, 20 June 2012


Following B1 Blooms Sherrie Phelps’ RHS Chelsea Florist of the Year silver medal

Sherrie’s design

-          took over 90 hours to complete

-          used 1000 flowerheads weighing approximately 20kg in total

-          included 30 handmade silver diamond cascades

Sherrie Phelps, of Birmingham florist B1 Blooms which is based at the ICC, has put her RHS Chelsea award-winning design on display in the Mall at the ICC for members of the public to see. Sherrie was recently awarded with a Queen’s Diamond Jubilee 2012 silver medal in the RHS Chelsea Florist of the Year annual competition, and she is now giving people a chance to see the floral chandelier that she created to gain her the win at the world’s best flower show.

The design has had its fresh flowers replaced with the best-quality silk flowers so that it can remain on display for all to see, just outside of the B1 Blooms store in the Mall at the ICC. After being displayed for the public to see, the beautiful design will be available to be hired for weddings and other private events directly through the florist.

Tracy Tomlinson, chairman of the UK Floristry Judges’ Guild, who judged Sherrie’s design at RHS Chelsea said:

“Sherrie Phelps is no ordinary florist, because now she is a RHS Chelsea florist with a Silver medal.

After beating other local florists at the British Florist Association heats held in Birmingham, Sherrie found herself competing at the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show alongside 16 other competitors from around the country.

Sherrie designed a wonderful chandelier with a theme of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, from an array of flowers including Phalanopsis Orchids, dark pink Vanda and a unique interpretation of the candles with the use of white Calla lilies. The overall shape was fabulous and string upon string hung from the hook. Sherrie must have worked extremely hard and spent many hours to achieve this award-winning design and therefore thoroughly deserves her Chelsea medal.”

Her creation, which is being displayed within the Mall at the ICC, used a diamond as its inspiration. Sherrie began by noting the colours that you can see when you look into the many facets of the precious jewel. Then, after creating a chandelier with hundreds of diamonds of florist wire, she covered it in a whole host of beautiful flowers in the colours she had noted: whites, deep purples, reds and greens.

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