Wednesday, 25 July 2012


Lorenzo Richards interviewed by Jade Scott [L] and
Sarah Thompson [middle] for the Radio 1Xtra documentary

Chef Lorenzo Richards, from the Wildmoor Oak in Bromsgrove, is to be featured on a radio documentary exploring the huge influence that Jamaica has had on UK culture. The BBC Radio 1Xtra programme will be broadcast on the digital station at 9pm on Sunday August 5, to coincide with the 50th anniversary of Jamaican Independence.
‘JA in the UK’ will include segments on Jamaican music, comedy, language and famous personalities, as well as food. Chef Lorenzo will take listeners on a culinary journey from the raw ingredients through to the cooking and serving of one of his favourite dishes, Caribbean Jerk Chicken. This will include just what makes the jerk recipe so special.

The food segment was recorded at The Wildmoor Oak on July 5. Radio producers Sarah Thompson and Jade Scott were treated to a live cookery demonstration before sampling Lorenzo’s marinated barbecued chicken, served with summer salad, coleslaw and rice.

“Lorenzo’s food is absolutely delicious,” said Jade, who was especially keen on his scotch bonnet pepper. “It’s not too spicy, the flavours are blended perfectly.”

Co-Producer Sarah summed up Lorenzo’s food in just one word, “Amazing!”

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