Monday, 1 October 2012


3.30pm, Tuesday 9th October 2012

Conservative Party Conference, The ICC, Birmingham

Bag Monsters will descend on the Conservative Party Conference to protest for a 5p charge on single use carrier bags. Last year over 8 billion single use carrier bags were produced in the UK. At 3.30pm – in the square in front of the ICC – over 20 Bag Monsters will give the results of a high-street consultation about a 5p bag charge to Zac Goldsmith MP. 
Last month a survey carried out by the ‘Break the Bag Habit’ campaign found that 75% of those asked would stop taking single-use carrier bags.  This survey follows the successful implementation of a 5p bag charge in Wales which saw a 95% drop in plastic bag use. Retailers are encouraged to donate money raised from the 5p charge to charity. 
Lush Cosmetics supports this timely campaign. On Tuesday 9th October Lush Cosmetics will join the Break the Bag Habit campaign and Zac Goldsmith MP outside the Conservative Party Conference. On the day when Owen Patterson MP, Secretary of State for the Environment, addresses the Conservative Party Conference over 20 Bag Monsters will mob the ICC.
Please email to register your interest in hearing more about the protest.

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