Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Sara Preisler presents: Sarah Purvey

Sarah Purvey Ceramics
It is the energy of the landscape which informs the work of Sarah Purvey, its influence and rhythm echoing in the marks drawn, painted and scribed directly into each form that she creates.
Hand built using coils of stoneware, the physical process of her making is energised, reactive and intuitive. The surfaces of the large forms are created when the clay is still raw, vulnerable and at its most responsive.

Although inspired by nature, the ceramic in this body of work is not intended to imitate or recreate any particular landscape, but rather to explore and reveal the emotional and inherent sense of association and connection generated by our surroundings.

This exhibition runs from 1st October - 30th November 2012.
About the artist

Sarah's ceramic vessels 'Landscape Series' have been shown and collected nationally and internationally including private collections in Tokyo and New York, her ceramic also forms part of the Bath Spa University collection at Corsham Court. She has gained both a BA and MA at Bath Spa.
On her work:

"The energy of landscape informs my ceramic, its influence echoed rhythmically in the marks drawn, painted and scribed directly into each form."

"The creative process for me is intuitive and responsive resulting in the creation of ceramic which both reflects and shares a very personal and emotional sense of belonging with my surrounding landscape."

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