Saturday, 8 December 2012

Sex, alcohol and keeping safe – party season message in a phone game

Solihull sexual health service has devised its own interactive smartphone game to alert young people to the dangers of losing control when drunk.

Just4You, the Solihull sexual health service for young people, has come up with the scheme as part of its Christmas Consent campaign to encourage them to consider the risks around alcohol and sexual activity.

The fun game, called ‘Where’s your head at?’ challenges players to keep control as the drinks stack up. Carrying the message, ‘When it comes to sex, alcohol can blur the line between Yes and No’, it can be accessed via a QR code on posters and cards being distributed around Solihull.

Jodie Smith, health promotion specialist for teenage pregnancy and sexual health, comments: “We want to support young people to have fun but stay safe this Christmas and New Year. We understand alcohol can make people feel more sociable or confident, but it can also make you more vulnerable to risky situations and may lead to doing something that’s later regretted. If either party is drunk, their ability to fully understand what they are doing is affected, so their ability to give their full consent to any kind of sexual activity is impaired. Alcohol affects our judgement so it’s easy to misread the signs, but the drunkenness of either party is no defence.”
Further information and support about sex, alcohol and keeping safe can be found at, including support for young people if they have been sexually assaulted. It also gives information on access to Solihull contraception and sexual health services, including emergency hormonal contraception over Christmas and New Year.

Solihull sexual health service is part of Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust, which runs Solihull, Heartlands and Good Hope Hospitals, Birmingham Chest Clinic and Solihull community services.

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