Thursday, 18 July 2013

Bloody British History Warwick

Graham Sutherland

To be published 19th July 2013, £9.99 Paperback


A graphic and grisly account of Warwick’s eye-opening history

Discover a time when the streets of Warwick ran thick with blood, when heads rolled and heinous murderers lurked. The gruesome history of Warwick is a challenge for even the most hardened historians.

Graham Sutherland’s Bloody British History: Warwick reveals a compelling dark side to the beloved town that most residents could barely imagine. The collection contains hundreds of brutal stories and scandalous events including the horrendous tale of Piers Graveson, the King’s lover, who was stabbed and beheaded on Blacklow Hill. From sightings of Satan to terrible cases of arson, this book is a surprising and eye-opening read for anyone interested in the town of Warwick.

· A comprehensive and chilling collection of gruesome tales from across Warwick’s history

· Reveals a cruel dark side to the town which few residents will realise ever existed


· Richly illustrated with vintage photographs and archive images


· Features famous stories from across history including the beginnings of the Gunpowder Plot


The author Graham Sutherland is a Blue Badge Guide for the Heart of England. He has lived in Warwick for nearly forty-five years, and is the town crier. A specialist in crime history, he gives talks on all aspects of Warwick’s tumultuous history throughout the year.

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