Sunday, 1 December 2013

Birmingham based foundation takes mobility aids to Nigeria

Volunteers from a charitable foundation based in Birmingham are currently visiting Nigeria to distribute mobility equipment and aids to disabled people living in poor areas of the country.

Nigerian born Abbey Paseda, who lives in Birmingham spent several months in England collecting second hand wheelchairs and mobility equipment which he took out to Nigeria earlier in November 2013 assisted by volunteers from the Focus on Disability Foundation.

Abbey is being supported by Pete Millington from Disability Resource Centre in Birmingham to register a branch of the Foundation as a charity in the UK. It is currently registered as a Nigerian charity.

Pete said:

"Abbey and his colleagues have struck on a great idea which is to recycle second hand equipment, often discarded in the UK, and ship it out to poorer areas of the world such as parts of Nigeria.

"In my work I have come across piles of wheelchairs which have literally been thrown onto skips and collected up by the scrap man. In Nigeria a wheelchair could change someone's life and empower them to attend education, training and employment opportunities. Focus on Disability Foundation will collect second hand equipment and distribute it to disabled adults and children in very poor communities whilst also holding events to raise awareness about disability in Nigeria".

For further information about the work of Focus on Disability Foundation, see their website at:


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